8 months old baby

Question: My baby is 8 months now....i only breastfeed them for 15-25 days from birth after that only formula .... Can my milk come sgain.... I have some white white discharge from my breast and i feel its my milk its normal sticky also

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Answer: Dear its milk. Plz feed baby. Its really good for your baby's health. And this will also help you to make your bonding strong with your baby. Fm z good. Bt your z the best one.
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Question: I have 29 days old twins. Initially i was breast feeding them using nipple shield due to my inverted nipple issue and also top feeding them with formula milk. After that, due to low birth weight dr suggested to focus only on formula milk for now as they cant suck properly due to lack of energy. Now they have gained enough weight, so dr suggested to start breastfeeding. But my babies tend to cry like hell if i take them for breastfeed( because of formula milk habit and my nipple issue) , then i had to give formula milk to calm them. What should i do to successfully breastfeed them? Please help.
Answer: It's because they never latched your nipples dear.. They did not know how to latch that's thats why they cry . It's normal dear.. In the beginning baby will have latching issue and they will not have how to latch. So you need to have little patience.. Keep trying offer breastmilk.. After trying on one point of time baby get correct latch so baby will continue drink milk.. You can try feeding in different positions. The best position is make you  baby close to your arms and then feed baby feel secured..you have take good food to increase your breastmilk and drink lots of water to keep hydrated..
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Question: Hello mam, my right breast feel heavy and slightly larger than left one and sticky watery liquid also come from right breast only .. is it normal ???
Answer: Yes it's normal .bcos during pregnancy breast size will increase by one r two..don't worry it's normal in all pregnancy..the sticky liquid that's come from your breast Is called colostrum which is the first milk produces for your baby from your breast...just use nipple pads if there was heavy leakage to prevent discomfortness... Hope this answer helps you....have a happy pregnancy...
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Question: i have also prblm of sac sepration.. after that white discharge was startd.. i feel pain in my breast also..
Answer: Hi Dear! White discharge and sore breasts r normal in pregnancy but wht abt the sac preparation u r referring pls let us knw, so that we can help.. Hope this helps!
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