9 months old baby

Question: My baby is 8 month old...can i give oranges and it juices to her..

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Answer: Yes dear, check before giving, it should be sweet not sour.
Answer: Yes orange juice is fine
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Question: Hello my baby is 5 month old so can I give her fruits and vegetables juices other than bm.???
Answer: Hi. Semi Solid food should always be introduced after 6 month of age. Before 6 month baby gets all the nutrition from your breast milk or formula and no other food or supplement is required. If you will start wheaning before 6 month of age it would affect babies digestive system as babies digestive system ist that strong.
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Question: Can we give oranges or mosambi to 7 month old baby? Do we need to give these fruits as juices
Answer: Hello Yes yu need to give oranges or sweet lime mosambi as in liquid state. As juice. N one more thing yu need to give in noon time not evening that may cause cold in baby. Don't start both fruits together. Start one n wait for three daes to start another. Take care
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Question: my baby is 9 month old. can I give oranges n grapes to him?
Answer: Babies who are chewing or gumming well can eat oranges after 6 months of age You may introduce grapes as early as 6 months of age though it is best to peel and mash them up.
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