6 months old baby

Question: My baby is 7month running. He has a problem of greenish stool. How to recover from that. And what is the cause.

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Answer: Hello dear, is your baby feeding on breast milk. If yes then it is common to get green poop. So , don't worry. If your baby is active, properly growing and taking feed properly then everything is fine.
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    Tapan Mohanty111 days ago

    Thank you. Yes my baby is feeding on breast milk.

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Question: What is the cause of blackish or deep greenish stool in the month of aprox 7..
Answer: Teething or water contamination or licking toys again and again causes bacterial infection .so greenish stools
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Question: Suffering from constipation and main problem is that in passing stool it really hurts feels like cause of dryness there is some injury occured at that place , how to recover from it ?
Answer: For constipation you can eat ripe bananas. It helps a lot. You can also have yogurt(dahi) to get some relief. For the injury you can use some coconut oil. Just rub some some coconut oil daily and you will get relief from discomfort and pain. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hi my baby stool is greenish and white bits from past two days what to do?
Answer: Hi Your baby is getting more fore milk and less hind milk.. so feed your baby only on one breast continously for 6-8 hours and pump the other breast and throw away pumped milk.. after 8 hr feed your baby on other breast.. repeat this cycle.. you should also take care of your diet.. eat cooling type of foods.. drink coconut water.. I did this and my baby poop changed from green to yellow.
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Question: My baby had a food injection n motion infection how to recover from that problem?
Answer: Keep breastfeeding feeding your baby. Do not give citric food to baby. Give apple ,curd is very good during motion problem. Give warm water regularly. Avoid giving gassy food.tryvto give more liquid items than hard food.
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