8 months old baby

Question: My baby is 7month old but still my period is missing..

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Answer: My baby is 7month old but still i miss my period ??
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    Aishwarya Prashant Malwdkar Aishwarya Prashant Malwdkar836 days ago

    Gve reply ???

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Question: My period date is 12th October .but my period is missing .why
Answer: If u have regular periods Check with pregnancy kit at home & confirm Ur pergancy....if not go to doctor dr
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Question: My last period 13july,still now my period is missing then today I have tested but it result is negative so I can't understand what should I do?
Answer: Hi! Please wait for few days you might have your periods, few days plus minus is common. However if you get it nuch late or get it with some discomfort, its the time to go to a Doctor and rule any underlying disease; It can be Thyroid. It can be PCOS(poly cystic ovarian syndrome) It can much stress Too much weight gain/loss Increase of prolactin hormone. Good luck!
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Question: Hiiii My baby is 7month old now, but still she does not even taste any food.
Answer: Dear She may not be ready for solids. But remember desiring solids, also is not an indicator they need them. Under one year old, solid food is more for practice. It offers little nutrition that they can digest and use, but formula or breastmilk should be their primary source of food. If they refuse, give it a month or so and try again. Don’t worry about it.
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