8 months old baby

Question: My baby is 7 months old..how to give rice

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Answer: hi dear , at starting you should prepare rice porridge for your baby & you can mix yoghurt in it & dry fruit powders ( if your baby is not allergetic to nuts) to make it more nutricious. you can also prepare a powder mixture of rice and pulses at home. for this you have to take one portion of raw rice and half portion of raw lentils. Wash thid properly and then dry for one day. Roast this mixture in ghee and then cool it down & grind to make powder. you can add 2 tablespoon this mixture in one bowl of boiling water to make a cerelac paste.
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    swathi priya837 days ago

    I am asking how to give rice not rice porridge

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Question: Can I give rice to my 6 months old baby??
Answer: hi dear yes of course you can give rice to your 6 month baby. you can also start giving baby boiled potato /sweet potato/ carrot puree/ pumpkin puree/ Apple puree/ mashed banana /sabudana Kheer/ Ragi porridge with yoghury / rice porridge etc. it will help your baby to gain proper weight.
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Question: What food to give to my 7 months old baby, can we give rice, buffalo milk...any other foods
Answer: Hi dear, buffalo milk is heavy to digest You can give BM for at least one year if possible or fm After one year you can give cow s milk. You can give baby Mashed fruits Fruit puree Mashed rice Dal Daliya Upma Soup Crushed nuts Cerelac Boiled egg You can start with these things
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Question: Hi...my baby is 7 months old. Can I give rice with daal
Answer: Yes you can.... you have made a good choice... it is very nutritious. .. give fruits n vegetables also
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