6 months old baby

Question: My baby is 6mths old...from 3days he has loose tools ...dark green .. little ..about 6 to 8 times a day ..not continuous..am giving darolac powder twice a day...any other remedy plz suggest... sometimes it will be yellowish too

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Answer: I think he or she is teething....u put on two of tilasmi moti.... easily available on Amazon. It helps child to get teeth easy without any motion .....i did it...try
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    sowmyat gowda779 days ago

    Oh ok..thankz isha

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Question: My 9 month baby poops 4 times a day. Is it OK.. She does first solid potty and then other potties will be slightly loose. Is it ok
Answer: Dear it could be due to teething which is absolutely normal at this age. Check for his gums see if they are swollen or sensitive. Or if your baby is drooling a lot it could be teething. Also by this age you need to start reducing milk intake and more of solids has to be given. See the transition should began now so that by 1 yr ur baby is on solids completely with 2 cups of milk a day only. So try that as well. Also keeping the hygiene would help at this age babies usually put everything in mouth their hands touch the floor from which they could get infections so better to keep it clean. Washing hands more often and keeping him in a clean surrounding will help. Hope i helped.
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Question: Hi my baby is 4months old. He is on both FM abd BM but now a days he is not having FM properly.Also his no of times urine passage is reduced sometimes his urine will be little yellowish.
Answer: Chill dear nothing to worry. Summer had started so baby will sweat so number of passing urine might be reduced. Feed him for every 2 hours.dont forcefully feed. Normally baby passes urine 6 and 8 times during the day it is considered as a normal. As you breastfeed you should drink more plenty of water .you should observe this if it is less than 4 and 5 peee during the day then you should have to consult from doctor.
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Question: my baby is 25 days old.. till now he is doing loose motions type potty dat too little little.. 8-10 times in a day.. wat to do??
Answer: hello dear not to worry this is normal usually new borns will do many times around 8/10times whichis absoultely normal not to worry
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