6 months old baby

Question: My baby is 6months 4days Old... She is having too much trouble with gas... Can I start giving her gripe water?

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Answer: These days doctors do not suggest any of the herbal medicine like gripe water for colic remedy or upset stomach. It is really great if you can consult your pediatrician for gas issue.
Answer: no dear.. gripe water now a days is nt at all prescribed... it is nt at all good for children... u can just put hing on her umbilical area... nd prblm will get resolve
Answer: No gripe water is not good to baby also all doctors are not recommended this If sge is suffering gas so please give her colicaid drop at night 0.5 ml
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Question: My baby is having too mucv gas trouble shes having too much pain. Wat can i do relieve her?
Answer: Apply hing paste on the stomach area..take a pinch of hing add some hot water make it into paste and apply it on the stomach.. within few minutes the problem will go
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Question: I am having 56 days old baby. She having lot of gas problem.can start giving gripe water.
Answer: Doctors saying no to gripe water . Burp Often. Burping helps relieve gas by allowing air to escape from the body, keeping it from building up. ... Keep Baby Upright. ... Pump Baby's Legs. ... Draw a Warm Bath. ... Bounce It Out. ... Try a Baby Massage. ... Try an Over-the-Counter Remedy. ... Track Diet.
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Question: My baby has gas trouble she smell as adult any home remedies giving her gripe water regularly. She is 7month
Answer: It's good that your baby is releasing gas because when gas gets trapped in baby's stomach it leads to call it which is very painful for babies so don't worry also don't give your baby Gripe water as my pediatrician strictly said no to it
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