6 months old baby

Question: My baby is 6mnthz old Imissed my period this month pregnancy test result is negative then what is the reason for missing menstruation

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Answer: You are lactating mother so no problem,any dout consult the doctor
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Question: the previous month missing the periods. we test the urine.it is negative. then what is the reason for this.why the period is missing .
Answer: Hi dear, If you are testing too early then ,the result could come negative.ideally you should test after a week of missed period.however ,blood test at this stage would give you correct result.
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Question: Mam my period date was sep 17th...today i do the pregnancy test but result is negative..what is the reason for that...give some suggestions..pls
Answer: Hi! Yes please wait for few days you might have your periods, few days plus minus is common. However if you get it much late or get it with some discomfort, its the time to go to a Doctor and rule any underlying disease; It can be Thyroid. It can be PCOS(poly cystic ovarian syndrome) It can much stress Too much weight gain/loss Increase of prolactin hormone. Good luck!
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Question: Period missing 15 days.pregency test is negative
Answer: Hi dear it could be happening due to eating disorder , uncontrolled diabetes, it could happen  due to excessive exercise started recently, stress can affect the harmonal balancing, sleeping schedule has changed , or u may be suffering from PCOD. So it's really better to consult doctor. 
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Question: My last period date is 18 feb. My period for this month is missing and also the pregnancy test is negative. We are trying for conceive, what should we do now.
Answer: hi dear! if your pregnancy test is negative you should visit your doctor as they will give you medicine like deviry which after stopping you will get your periods. also do you have any pregnancy symptoms like nausea vomiting back pain if not then there is no pregnancy dear. also when you start planning you should start taking folic acid tablets and keep a track on your ovulation window and during that time you can have intercourse for positive results dear. take care dear.
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