4 months old baby

Question: My baby is 66 days old. From yesterday he is crying when we putting him on bed. He doesn't want to lie down. And he is putting his fist to his mouth continuously. What should be the problem

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Question: My baby is 50 days old he is not lying on bed always wants lap. When we lie down him on bed within seconds he starts crying that too very loudly and we take him. How can i change his habbit?
Answer: Hi dear. we will have to change his habit gradually . make a baby lie down on the bed but don't get separate your body totally from your baby , keep your both hands on your baby's body so that he will feel your touch after that gradually remove your one hand and then another too, when you remove your head from your baby's body then make sure that your baby should be busy in talking or anything else , talk to you baby to distract him , only distraction will help you in this . whenever you want to lie down your baby on bed start talking to your baby and engage him in conversation so that he couldn't notice that you have put him down on the bed . hope this will work for you
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Question: My baby is one mnth old. For past three days he continuously crying wheb he is awake and ask us to hold him on hands. When we put his on bed he will start crying. What may be the reason?
Answer: Check his belly buttons.. It may be infected.. Or he feels warm when u hold him.. Its winter.. Cover ur baby properly with sweater and cap.. Don't forget to put on socks and gloves.. Sleep by his side while breastfeeding.. Massage his tummy before going to bed and give him proper tummy time.. He may be suffering from colic also.
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Question: My baby is crying when we transfer him to his sleeping location. When we pick him up he is ok. Bt he is not ready to lie down during nights
Answer: Hi dear it is common for new born baby ti act like that and just due ti this swaddling is advies for the baBy to have a tight sleep. U can check healofy home page to know how to swaddle. Swaddling is approved in which baby is mickey covered with a cloth to make a feel for womb.
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