8 months old baby

Question: My baby is 6 month and 15 days ?her weight is 6.750 gm.per week her weight is incresing 50 gm or 30gm?this is normal or not?how much weight she should need now?pls give me the answer

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Answer: Hi dear From 3 monthd to 12 months you can follow the following formula of growth chart {Age in month + 9}÷2 In general in 6 months the weight of d baby becomes double to the birth weight
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Question: My baby is now 6month 15 days her weight is 6.kg550gm?this is normal or not?how much weight she need?brith weight is 3kg?pls give the answer mam?
Answer: Hello.. till 5 to 6 months babies weight must be double to his birth weight.. and triple till a year.. As per ur given data his weight is normal.. Hope this answer will help you
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Question: My girl baby is now 9months and 1week old.. and her weight is 7.3 kg..is this normal one or how much should be she actually now
Answer: Hello Dear in nine months (girls) weight may lie somewhere between (6.5 kgs to 9 kgs).. Therefore, do not worry about it..
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Question: Hai my baby last month weight is 6.200kg now this month 6.700kg ... Its normal or not.. Then how much weight is increase per month pls tel me pls
Answer: Completely normal, as different grow at their own pace
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