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Question: My baby is 6 days old she has detected juandic 18.8. please suggest

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Answer: Liv.52 syrup is better to use thrice a day 10 drops and hold the baby for sunlight in the morning and evening
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Question: My baby is 8months 21 days old she has constipation from yesterday ....please suggest
Answer: Hello! Once solid foods are introduced into your baby's diet, his poop is going to change...it is very common..alternate pooping is normal..but it should not be hard..raisins are one of the best home remedies for baby constipation. Raisins are the good source of minerals like calcium, iron, potassium, and magnesium. It is one of the easy to use home remedy in treating constipation problem. Raisins really help to regulate the bowel movement. Take 5 – 6 black raisins, wash it well.Now in a saucepan, add ½ cup water and raisins. Bring it to a good boil, simmer the flame and let it reduce til its half in quantity.Now allow it to cool down, mash the raisins with a masher or with clean hands.Strain it through a strainer and give this solution to your baby early in the morning.Continue until your baby passes stool comfortably.
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Question: Hi my baby is now 6 month old she getting loose motion detected Since 3 days pls help me
Answer: Hi dear. In this summer loose motion can happen frequently. You can give rice water to your baby, just boil rice and extract that water, mix a pinch of salt and give it twice to your baby, it will help her. May b your baby is on teething, during teething baby got infection because they use to put everything in their mouth to soothe their irritated gums. If she is on teething then make sure she doesn't put any dirty thing in her mouth. During loose motion make sure to keep her hydrated, feed her more often , give water frequently . You can also give ors to her
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Question: My baby has severe cold. She is od 6 months old. Please suggest any remedy for her relief.
Answer: Hi.. The best remedy for an infant is, applying baby vicks vapour rub on your baby's back, chest and feet. Make the toddler wear a comfortable pair of socks after applying vicks. Repeat this twice or thrice in a day. You will definitely see the difference... for running/ nose use saline water (nasoclear), it is easily available in any medical store. In case you find no difference in twenty four hours, then see a pediatrician. Please do not use adult vicks vapour rub.....
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