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Question: My baby is 6 days old and during breast feeding my nipple pains a lot. What should I do??? Please suggest

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Answer: Hi, soreness in breast is common during pregnancy Use moist heat on the breasts for a few minutes, or take a brief hot shower before breastfeeding. This may help the milk begin to flow. Use of heat for extended periods of time over 5 minutes may make swelling worse. Use cold compresses for 10 minutes after feedings to reduce swelling. You can do slight massage after baby finishes breastfeeding. Hope this helps.
Answer: Apply breast milk and nipcare cream. It will heal soon. And till then stop breastfeeding.
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Question: My right nipple hurts a lot during and after breast Feeding my baby.. what should I do?
Answer: Hii dear. I think that is the most painful time for a new mom. I also used to cry when it happened to me . I had noone to give me such soultion.but now u have help do all the moms of healofy so u shouldnt worry. Belowr the home remedy for sore nipple.U can apply nipcare or body butter in the nipple and leave it for sometimes .do wash it before feeding ur baby. If pain is extreme then u can use nipple shield for some time till ur cracks don't get cure. It really works. Apply a few drops of breast milk on the affected nipple before breastfeeding.After breastfeeding apply some milk again.Allow it to air dry thoroughly.Repeat the same for the other nipple.Follow this remedy a few times daily until the soreness subsides
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Question: Hi,during breast feeding my baby bites my nipples and it pains a lot. does anyone using nipple shield for breast feeding? Please suggest if it is useful.
Answer: Yes dear,nipple sheild is good ,it also can increase the milk production.it also helps ur baby to latch properly,but remember Using a nipple shield incorrectly may reduce milk supply. Breastfeeding correctly causes the body to make hormones that keep up your milk supply. Anipple shield should be put on properly so that the baby can latch deeply and drink well from the mother's breast.
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Question: My nipple pains a lot while feeding my baby. She is 10 days old. What to do?
Answer: I had a feeding counsellar in my first delivery. Wen I had similar problem she told me dat improper o wrong method of latching create pain in d nipple. Ur baby should suck d nipple fully means her lips should touch ur areolar region so dat whole nipple will b in her mouth... Jus try it. Right now if u hav any crack o sore apply petroleum jelly o coconut oil.
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