2 months old baby

Question: My baby is 56 days old .he always prefer to sleep in side lying position .is it dangerous to him ??

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Answer: Hi dear. Sleeping in side lying position is not dangerous but at the same time sleeping in this position for a longer time can interrupt the head Shape formation. Whenever he sleeps this way, just change his side to straight or the other side so that the head forms in a round shape. Make sure you don't wake your baby by changing his position ... I hope this helps
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Question: My baby is drink milk in lying position always he is waking up continuously so i feed him lying position .. how to make him sleep for long hours ..is it good or bad in lying position
Answer: As your baby is 8 month old you should give solid food. It will help to fill his stomach for longer hours and. Full stomach will help him to sleep longer. So give him solid food for 4 times a day including all vegetables, rice, cereal, fruits. Keep a gap of 3 to 4 hours at least between 2 meals.
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Question: My baby is 7 month 2days old. He started to sleep in side lying position now a days.is it safe?
Answer: Hello! It is fine now as the baby can turn back on the back on its own. Still would advise not to keep too many pillows or loose sheets near the baby. Take care
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Question: my 56 days old baby prefer to turn her head to right side more .Is it a problem?
Answer: Hi,Dear I am assuming you are asking your baby sleeps on rigth side,its absolutely ok no problem, keep some soft pillows under to support so that head is not flat .
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