5 years old baby

Question: My baby is 5 yrs old,,he was weighed just 15 kg still now....compared to other childs he's so lean,,,so adamant in skiping foods....it hurts us more as parents......pls help us to make my boy gain weight....waiting for ur reply!!!

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Answer: Weight is not important for any kid if he is active Stop worrying my daughter is also 5.9 years and weight is just 15 but she is active doctor gets irrritated whenever i ask i want to gain my daughters weight and doc always advice me just dont worry weight is perfect unnecessary dont bother urself its natural process afterwars she gain weight
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Question: Hi Ladies, I am now in a big confusion.. a little background.. Married for 5.5 yrs.. 1 missed abortion..1lapro.. 2 failed ivfs .. 6months break.. now im naturally pregnant and just stepped in 12w today.. When i got positive hpt i consulted a OB near my home..not a famous one but simple and easy to get appointment.. she gave a progestrone vaginal supplement..aspirin.. folic.. 2weeks later we decided to consult my IVF doctor thinking she would have more experience on my health..(she treated me for almost 2yrs)..along with the above said medicines she prescribed me also a progestrone injections just to be on safer side. When asked she told until 12weeks we will take and then decide on the dosage.. Inbetween my husband and parents discussed on few pros and cons..and husband decided to continue with the OB with whom we confirmed our pregnancy.. but i was also taking injections out of fear..not informing her... Now that my injs are done..12weeks scan done today..im very much confused on the injections..whether to continue it myself or stop it as im 12weeks.. im in such a dilemma that i cannot be at peace..i cannot tell to my OB reg it as it would lose the trust between us.. also worried if stopping thr injection would make me miscarry :( im so much concerned after going thru a lot for the past 5.5yrs.. ;( i know its my mistake not following one but its my fear that made me to... Kindly let me know some advice whether i can stop the inj but still continue the vag supplement alone... pls pls advice to help me get out of this dilemma... thank you sooo much :*
Answer: Dear..dnt worry and take God's name.. everything will be fine.. there is a saying.. donot hide anything from doctor and advocate.. so pls donot hide anything frm doc..and always refer to one doc only. Progesterone injections or medicine are common.. infact i am taking Medicine for progesterone till now. I am in 14th week.. these are good for baby. But u should always ask the doctor frst.. donot take any medicine or injection without consulting doctor..
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