5 months old baby

Question: My baby is 5 months old during night time he wakes up at every 1 hr and drink milk for 5 min and sleep. What could be the cause and how can i make him sleep for long time

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Answer: since he has completed 5 months and he is stepping into the next stage of demanding solids . it is quite common to see your kid fussy at this stage . once you start giving solids in the upcoming months this problem will definitely settle .. so don't worry at this stage whenever you feed him you feed him completely until he leaves by himself . will be ok in the upcoming months.. check if he is ok with the diaper . check if it keeps him dry after urination. and there is nothing to worry about you will be happy with his sleep once you start solids .
Answer: As he drinks less milk, he feels hungry again and again. Let him drink as much as possible. Wake him up by pressing his ears gently or by tickling his feet
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Question: My baby wakes up every 2 hrs. I am giving formula milk. How to make her sleep for long time?
Answer: Hi,Dear Feed her completely and sleep closely. around 5 months age they start checking whether her mon is with her or not.And also massage baby daily and before going to bed with moisturizer so it will be soothing to baby and also make baby wear loose cotton clothes,few babies have disturb sleep it's just a place it will pass by take care
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Question: My Baby Boy is 5 months still his sleep time is not proper. Day time he sleeps for 2-3 hrs. But at night time he wakes up after very often. How to make him sleep for long time.
Answer: Make sure u put right clothing for ur baby at night time.. switch off the lights except for bedroom light.. pamper ur child.. sing a song and make sure u feed him well.. ur baby will sleep for longer time then.. gud luck .
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Question: Hi all.. My son is 6.5 months old..He wakes up every 1 hr at night.any tips for make him sleep over night??
Answer: 8 pm se pehle baby ko dinner me daiya , khicdi kuch dijiye or after 8 pm sirf bm ya fm. ..ache se feed kraiye. ....
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