5 months old baby

Question: My baby is 5 mnth old he has small pimples on his face suggest me wt shall I do

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Answer: Hi mom, dont worry .pimples will come and go. Its natural thing. Even my son was having pimples and automatically thy vanished in 1/2 days
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Question: Hi my baby is 8 months old !!he has small pimples on his full face what should i do suggest??
Answer: It can be milia or miliaria..check with a skin specialist or paediatrician..it can be treated..
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Question: my baby is 3 months old he has got small pimples type on his face n shoulder. wt should I do
Answer: Hello The baby s skin is very delicate. The lotions soaps or shampoo that you use should be 5.5ph friendly as this is the ph of ur babies skin. If u use lotions that do not cater to oh balence dis they can rashes dryness etc. Try seba med it is one of the best brands available that has less chemicals and no fragrance. You should use baby friendly and mild detergent to wash baby s clothes or other things that will come in contact with your baby. This can cause skin reaction or allergy.
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Question: My baby is 4 mnths old. He is having small daane or pimples on his face.... wat can I do..
Answer: This must be due to dry skin.Give oil massage to baby, avoid soap for some days till rash goes away. Apply good moisturising cream. Lactocalamine helps to reduce itching.If rashes does not come down or any other symptoms appear take to doctor immediately. Otherwise nothing to worry.Take care
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Question: My baby is 4 mnths old he scratches his face he has small acne on his face plz suggest smthng to apply on his face
Answer: Use coconut oil on his face , and cut his nails also because of scratches
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