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Question: My baby is 45 days old.. She cries alot.. Doc told that she has gas prob.. Im giving her colicaid and it is not affecting her.my now my mother in law giving her ilaychi ajwain and jaggery water.. Is this home remedy good for her?

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Answer: Mix some hing (asafoetida) in warm water and make a paste.. then rub while it is still warm around her belly button in circular motion..rub slowly slowly with two fingers and let the paste stay.. though it doesn't smell that great,it really helps with the gas.try it.
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    anonymous963 days ago

    How many times we can apply in a day?

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    Raba Shaikh962 days ago

    I would apply before bedtime to my baby and let it stay overnight..

Answer: Just apply some diluted hing on his belly & try to avoid giving water as upto 3 months only mili shoud be given to baby. Also massage his tummy from right to left in circular motion when baby is calm and always burp him after feeding
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Question: My baby cries alot,,,,she not calms down in my lap,,,,but in my mother in law,,she falls asleep....my MIL always keeps her in her lap,,,and this worries me
Answer: Aapko reason find out karna padhega ke baby kyun nahi so rahi hai.Baby ke nahi sone ke bohot reasoms hote hai .Colic is the most common cause.Other causes are listed below .For eg:1-bhook 2-Thand/garmi(shayad aapke liye woh temperature normal ho aur baby ke liye na ho):kapde accordingly change karke dekho 3-Neend complete na ho. 4-Bore feel kar raha ho. 5-Discomfort 6-Colic(pain in tummy)/gas :use colicaid 7-Burping agar nahi ho rahi ho(20 mins burp karane ki koshish kijiye) Agar fir bhi samaj mein nahi aaye reason ,toh ek baar doctor ko bata do to confirm ke usse aur koi problem toh nahi ho rahi
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Question: My 45 days old baby has gas prob..doc gave colicaid for 3 days.. After 3 days again she is crying alot.. But she is burping and passing stools properly even she is passing gases
Answer: Hi dear Summer season many kids suffer by colic issues...do not worry...just take some castor oil and give a gentle massage around babiea belly hole in clockwise motion for 10-15 min and make baby to sleep in flat surface and hold babies foots and slow rotate like peddling cycle it make baby to ease from burping and baby will feel comfortable and get relieve for colic aids
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Question: hello...my baby is 45 days older..can i drink cold water now? my mother in law has told me to drink hot water after delivery
Answer: Yeah but the reason not to drink is u r baby can catch up cold. Till u breast feed i would personally suggest u to drink normal water hot not needed no arreated drinks no gastric items to be consumed. It creates lots of problem in the baby too. So i request u to avoid all the above things till u breast feed.
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