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Question: My baby is 4 weeks old and having fever..don't understand the reason...doc has given the medicines and frequently checking his temperature it's around 97-99..

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Answer: Hi dear... don't worry.. 97-99 isn't considered as fever in babies dear... A temperature of 100.4 and above is only considered as fever dear...so please just give fever medicine only if the temperature goes up... Just sponge bathe your baby's body with Luke warm water and keep your baby loosely clothed in a well ventilated room...this will help bring down the body heat dear...
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Question: My baby is 11 days old and her body temperature is 99, is she having fever?
Answer: Hi dear, Though cold and fever is quite in babies,it really concerns the parents. Fever is a sign of body fighting an infection in body,which is good.the temperature rises when the body is fighting against it but there is nothing to panic about. Keep your baby in comfortable clothes.never overdress or wrap in blankets in fever.it can get worse. To lower the temperature you can apply warm water cotton pads on his forehead.if he's also suffering from cold along with it then fever could be due to that. Make him sip lot of water to flush out the germs and also to reduce the temperature.you can give paracetamol to your baby with the right dosage given by your paediatrician,if the fever goes above 100. If your child is active once the temperature goes down,then nothing to worry.if he's unwell even after the fever is gone,visit the doctor to assess any other medical reason.
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Question: I have six month old baby he has slight fever and the temperature is 99 shallbi give p125 to him
Answer: Hi Dear, Fever is a self defense mechanism used by our body to fight against diseases. During fever the body temperatures will last for 2 days. Normal fevers are safe for baby to protect body in future. Follow the below remedies... Give him more breast milk to get hydrated if you started liquid diet then you can give fluids. Body massage with sesame oil or mustard oil which cools the body temperatures. You can give paracetamol and if the fever persists more than two days consult pediatrician.
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Question: Which temperature indicates fever? My baby is 4months old and his temperature is 99.9.. Does he has fever?
Answer: Yes dear, your baby has fever. Armpit Temperature above and from 99 is considered fever.
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