4 months old baby

Question: My baby is 4 months old. Today when he was trying to flip he slip off in the floor. His head is hit in the floor. I made him to calm down now. But i am worried about this incident. Is anything serious in this. Should i check with doctor?

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Answer: Hi I know its hurting when it happens like this,even i faced it. You just check if the baby is active or not. Nothing to worry if she is active like as usual. If she is not active or vomits,then you can consult your doctor
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    Gayathri Yogesh260 days ago

    Thank you for your reply.

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Question: my baby fell down from sofa yesterday it hit his head is this any thing serious😌
Answer: Hi dear, I know it is so scary when babies fall down from bed or sofa.this happens when babies learn to roll over. look for any bump on head,apply ice pack on that area. Observe your child for 24 hours,any vomiting or fever,take him to doctor.otherwise ,such falls are fine but please be carefull next time.put your baby on floor always,when you are busy.
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Question: Hii yesterday my was standing holding me but suddenly he fell down on his back.. his head from behind hit on the floor..He cried for sometime n then he slept.. but m worried will there b inner injuries??
Answer: babies before 1 year if they fell down at a height less than 3 feet then their gap in skull will help them to prevent from injuries .. be very careful with your child because getting hit at head is not good until the child completes 5 years . from now on till 5 years make sure that your baby don't fell down and hit his head .. as he is 12 months and he is completely ok after he fell down no problem but in case if you have doubt or worried it is always better to consult your doctor.. keep an eye on your baby's activity if he is completely ok then no problem at all .. be careful next time ..
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Question: Hello doctor and mommies, my 8 month old baby fell down from bed at one feet high from ground his back head hit in the floor and cried and i fed him bm immediately and he stopped crying and slept... In the morning his activities was as usual.. should i have to check him since he got hit in back side of head... Please do reply
Answer: Hi dear, after falling from hight if your baby is a vomiting ,feeling dizziness, nausea, or fstigue then it is a matter of concern. If your baby is taking proper feed and sleeping and doing all the normal activities then there is nothing to worry about. Take care of your baby.
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Question: My baby is 94 days old.unfortunately his head had hit on the door slightly..he cried for seconds and came back to normal..now he's okay..but I'm worried about that incident..any problem ??
Answer: It's not a big issue, if the baby comes to normal .other than that if you want to know clearly just move to doc .... And handle the baby safely
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