3 months old baby

Question: My baby is 3 months old. Doctor gave D3 drops in evening and morning. Is there any particular time like morning before 12pm and evening before 7 pm like that. Bez my baby is sleeping at that time. Pls suggest some solutions

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Answer: No. U can give it anytime. Also you can give drops while baby sleeping.
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Question: Hello doctor, Iam 24 weeks pregnant my baby movement's are at a particular time like morning 8 and 11:30 to 12 , and evening at 5:30 and night at 11 it is my normal timing for kicking is it normal that baby will move at a particular time.I just read an article saying that baby will move every two hours. Iam having this much of gap during the kickings ..can you please suggest
Answer: No, it's ok they are usually active in the evening/night/morning other time they are quite calm and usually sleep a lot in mother womb. Your baby has his/her own regime that's why you feel movements at particular time. Baby can continue with this regime or can change it any time.
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Question: My baby doing poop very thickly and that time he will start to cry pls give some solutions
Answer: hi this shows that the baby is having constipation and therefore the baby is finding difficult to pass the motion forcely apply Vaseline to tiredness of the baby which will help the baby to pass motion also include this in your babies diet give your baby prunes fix try to give carrot juice give green vegetables oats to the baby give mashed papaya and banana this should help as it is rich in fibres
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Question: Hi all, my baby has completed 4 months.Till now Im not giving multivitamin drops.my doctor gave only vitamin d3 drops..multivitamin drops is necessary or any other drops??
Answer: Hi Dear! Dr. s usually prescribes Iron, zinc and Vit D3 drops my baby was also prescribed the same, hence i am unsure of any multivitamin pls do talk to your Dr. and offer baby if Dr. suggests.. Good luck!
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