4 months old baby

Question: My baby is 3 and half month old. When i should start ceral for him

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Answer: After 6th month.. Till tat only mother's milk
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Question: My baby is 1 and half month old... What should i give to him for fever??
Answer: Hello dear You baby is below 3months so immediately get in touch with the pediatrician if he has fever or anything issue, fever can also make your baby uncomfortable Take care
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Question: Hi my baby is 6 and a half month old , when can i start giving him cows milk
Answer: Cows milk is best to be given to the baby only after one year as the baby cannot digest the complex proteins in the cows milk. This can lead to loose motions or indigestion. Some times babies also get allergic to cow s milk. So please use cows milk or dairy products after the baby s one year old. The baby can suffer from low hemoglobin as the cows milk contains very less iron. Hope it helps.
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Question: My baby is 5 and half month old.. what food can i start to give him?
Answer: Hello dear. You'll have to start any type of food only after 6 months. Till then only breastmilk or formula milk would be sufficient. Take care.
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Question: Which gutti I should start for my 3 months old baby and when and how much?
Answer: Hllo a big no 4 gutti .dont give janam gutti or gripe water its unsafe 4 babies . dear in gripe water has more than 3% alcohol, lots of processed sugar and soda bicarbonate.They usually go to sleep or stop crying because od of the effect of the alcohol which makes them dizzy.
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