3 months old baby

Question: My baby is 3.5 month old.yestarday she passed her motion but she didn't today. ...every day she do it after wake up in the afternoon...but she is active.wt to do.is there any problem. ...

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Answer: Its normal simetimes they dont pass 4 to 5 days also its okay
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Question: There is no any movement since today's morning .. I'm worried..pls help what to do..my baby makes me wake up every morning but today its different..
Answer: Hi dear, Baby movements can vary person to person.usually post 25th week baby movements can be felt.though if the placenta is anterior,you could feel much less,as it comes in between baby and stomach.babies starts setting patterns now.some baby is active during night while some are active during day.not to worry though.any diviation for 3-4 days should be reported.
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Question: Please tell me my baby didn't poo today her 3rd day is there any problem she is 16. Days old
Answer: Don't worry its absolutely normal.  My kiddie experienced the same and my doc upto 3months 5-10 times potty a day or sometimes no potty for 5 days is normal.also the infants system produces a lot of gas it is not because of your food,please eat healthy as the kid need all the nutrition.
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Question: My baby is 40days old. She doesnt sleep after passing urine. every feeding every time she passed urine and wake up . What to do for longer sleeping.
Answer: Hello dear U can make ur baby wear diapers at night time because it will give ur baby peaceful sleep but it should be change after every 3 hours otherwise it can cause rashes or infection to baby's skin.
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