Few weeks old baby

Question: My baby is 2weeks old and she has not poo for 2 days..is thr anything to worry

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Answer: no.. nothing to worry .. it may be 7 days ur baby not doing poooo... may be 1poo a day.. 7 times poo in 1 day.. should not be worry
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    Raj Maha835 days ago

    She is breast feeding continuously so nothing to worry

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Question: My baby is 9 and 2weeks old. She didn't eat anything for past two days.. My baby weight is 6. 2 and how should I increase her weight.
Answer: Hi as according to birth weight babies weight should be double the birth weight at 6months and triple at the end of first year so accordingly baby weight is less as around months it ranges between 7 to 7.5 kg. So if baby is refusing food check if baby is having constipation as due to which baby may feel bloated and refuse to eat and give small quantity of food at regular intervals which helps and continue breastfeeding it will help to increase weight take care
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Question: My baby is 1 and half month old. She is not having poo for last 2 days....what to do?
Answer: Hi dear it is it is very very common in infants to not to poop for some days or to put for 10 to 12 times a day both are normal specially in breastfed babies in the entire breast milk gets absorbed in the body since there is no excretion, please do not worry give it sometime the baby will definitely poop however if the baby shows any kind of discomfort Please massage the naval area clockwise and anticlockwise, give a lot of tummy time when the baby will be relieved if baby has any sort of gas in the stomach.. Hope this helps!
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Question: My baby is 1 and half month old. She is not having poo for 2 days...what to do?
Answer: If she is on bf than it is healthy sign, it means she digest your milk very well.
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