2 months old baby

Question: My baby is 2months old, his palm and foots are turning red from morning especially his fingers and it's bit hot

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Question: Hi. My baby is 4 months old. His head is to hot too touch it and his hands, foots are too swetting. Is this any problem?
Answer: It's normal as this is happening with my baby also and when I consulted doctor he also told me that it's completely normal and this is the way my child is trying to adjust with outside temperature.
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Question: my kid is getting hot..his feet nd palm are getting hot..what should i do pls help
Answer: Hello The summer season get babies very hot as they cannot regulate the temperature like we do give the baby a bath twice a day so u can cool him off. You can also use sleeveless clothes made of cotton that will keep him cool give him plenty of water to drink you can also give different fruits juices. Powder you baby with a cooling talc like nycil so you can keep them feel fresh and dry. Hope I helped
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Question: My hand palm and foots are burning like temperature and I am feeling very dull why is it so??
Answer: Mood swings are very much common in pregnancy and post. Be active and make things that keep you happy.. Listen to positive things which boosts your mind. If too much of itching persists please consult doctor and do liver function test
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