2 months old baby

Question: My baby is 2m 15 days . i am feeding him by using bottole . from 2 -3 days his stool looks as pale green . is bottole is safe for baby?

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Question: Hai mam...my baby is 4 mnths 15 days...from 5 days...i am feeding him cerelac..by doctors condulting...can i give gripe water along with this
Answer: Hi, gripe water is for helping in digestion and aboiding colic. But it should be given only in consultation with your Dr
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Question: My 5 month old baby is passing green colour stool from past 3 days. What is the problem with him?
Answer: Hello dear. Teething usually causes green stool and it gets better once the teething settle. Check for symptoms like swollen gums and drooling. Also cold can cause green stools for babies. In both cases it should get better once the baby is fine if it doesn't or teething or cold isn't the reason consult doctor as it could be stomach infection. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hii.. my baby boy is 15 days old for today, his eyes r always watering and some pale yellow sticky stuff coming out from his eyes. It looks bad on him and irritating him. What to do? Pls help
Answer: Take luke warm water dip cotton n put on his eyes. Do it 3 times a day
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