1 months old baby

Question: My baby is 23days old she is pooping out the milk after breast feed even after bruping. Pls help me here and she is releasing the gas also about 6 to 7 times pls suggest here

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Answer: Hello, I think you are feeding exccess to your baby please feed only for 20 minutes every 2 hours. in burp after every feed.
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    Bavanari Gowthami963 days ago

    Hi Priya I am doing only demand and feeding and that too she will take only 15min to drink still she poop out

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Question: Hello. ....I have Overflowing breasts. ....even though I take out milk before breast feeding my 10 day old baby.....still she vomits.....I am very tensed about how to feed? also many times she doesnot burp...please tell the solution. ...
Answer: Hello! This was exactly myself situation when my son was born. But unfortunately, there isn't nothing much we can do. One thing which I did, you can try, but not sure how it will help, try to hold your nipples between two fingers in scissors form. And try to control the flow by pressing it. For the burping issues, hold your baby on the shoulders for good 15 minutes. And then lie her in such way that her chest and head is little elevated from the rest of the body. You can use a soft baby pillow for that. Always make sure the baby lies on her back. Don't worry it is a phase, which will get over soon.
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Question: My baby is 1 month old...whenever my baby passes gas he is pooping...i m too worried about this..atleast 6-7 times pooping everyday..please help
Answer: Its normal in new borns.. My baby use to poop more than10 times like that.. Its because their digestive system need to be developed.. Not to worry
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Question: My baby 7 month old ..pooping brownish ..wats the reason??mommies pls help me out
Answer: Are u taking iron syrup then it should be normal .if not go to the doctor
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