1 months old baby

Question: My baby is 21 days old. She has grown pimples on all over her face. Doctor has advised not to apply anything. Please suggest shall i apply sonething on her face or not. If yes then what.

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Answer: Homemade cocount oil
Answer: Apply cocount oil
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Question: The baby face breastmilk spread in face then after he or she teen age pimples on her or his face??
Answer: You can use breast milk to cure baby acne but it is not that if you are using milk on baby's face in future your child will not face pimples problem. However breast milk is good for skin.
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Question: Baby has pimples on his all over face ? What is the remedy ?
Answer: Hi, these pimples are very common in the newborn baby do not worry you can apply your breast milk breast milk is the best solution and it will help to settle it if it does not settle you should consult the doctor . use a mild soap for the baby .
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Question: My daughter is 21 days old and she has red acne on her face and chest .what should I do .please suggest.
Answer: Hi dear, This is very common.babies do get such neonatal acne.which happens due to their sensitive skin.this usually disappears after a week or so.donot apply anything on face .just clean it with plain water.
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