1 months old baby

Question: My baby is 1month old, and behaving crazy about feeds past 1week, due to this,she is going for frequent feeds within an hour, causing no burping sometime. She is only breast feed. Doc told to control feeding but not sure how to do that, as she is crying like crazy when not allowed to breast feeds in short frequencies. Her sleep, potty,urination, playing looks normal. Also, she likes to stay asleep in laps and wakes up when shifted to bed. Please help.

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Answer: Hi Its normal to behave like this.They cant take much milk at one feed.Their metabolism will be very high.They need more energy.These are called growth spurts.coming to sleeping on lap she needs warmth.In mothers womb it will be dark and warm.They need time to get acclimatise.when u shift ur baby to bed sleep beside her,very close to her.she will feel the warmth.
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Question: My toddler who is 13 months old is completely dependent on breast feeding to put her to sleep. During night when she is distracted from sleep she fusses a lot for feeding nd dozing off. When I try to remove her from my nipple she again wakes up.. This pattern is more frequent during the night. I'm a working mom and due to insufficient sleep having lot of health issues. We re a nuclear family with me my husband and daughter so how do I go about weaning process and alternative s for breast feeding specially during nights. She doesn't use pacifier and hates bottle milk.
Answer: Hi dear since your baby is one there is no need of bottle and pacifiers. Actually this is how babies sleep then eat the comfort of the mother to sleep it takes a lot of time for their sleep pattern to settle if you want to wean off you you could apply something on the nipples that your baby feels sour like hing or neem. Other than that mums also apply some tape . Your baby will be very fussy the moment you start all this because they do not understand and only demand for milk it needs a lot of patience you have to be very strong hearted and try to meet you baby quiet without giving milk since you are in a nuclear setup only your husband can help you try to stay away from the baby in the night until your baby dozes then you can come back. Hope that helps
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Question: I am a mother of 1and half month old baby girl. I feel I have sufficient milk. 1: my baby cries all the time for milk. She sucks for 10 minutes and falls asleep. When I put her down she wakes up after 5 minutes crying for milk. I have to feed again n same thing repeats.  How do I tackle this? 2: she does not sleep well in day time. Sleeps for hardly 2 hours on the whole. Is it normal? 3: I have to feed her every hour as she starts crying for milk after 15-20 minutes.? she never looks content  . Is  my milk sufficient for her? (She has more than 6 wet diapers and 3-5 dirty diapers) 4: I put her down when she is asleep, she will be fine for 5 minutes then starts squirming on bed and wakes up crying. I have to again feed her to sleep. Why she squirms a lot?
Answer: Hi. I if baby is having enough wet diapers dont worry your baby must be having enough milk. But as she wakes up crying after 5 mins try to be near your baby after you place her on bed or keep pillow near and a small portion on baby so that she would feel secure. Also dont feed immediately as baby wakes up crying as this has became her habbit. .just try to comfort her pat her, talk to her., Assure her that you are there. . In starting it will be problem but slowly baby will get used to it. Baby uses sucking breast a medium to comfort her and you need to avoid this habbit.
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