19 months old baby

Question: My baby is 19months old.but he can't talk.what should I do?

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Answer: Hello dear. Some babies are late speaker. My daughter spoke a few words only when she was 2.5yrs old. Hence I started eith playschool which helps. You can let baby play with his own age kids as that motivates babies for speaking. Also read stories or sing rhymes that would also help.
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    jolly Mondal840 days ago


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Question: Hi my baby is 3 months old.but he vomits if give any medicine.what should i do
Answer: hi mum don't worry this usually happens with the newborn babies because that they've force much will be giving medicines so this makes them to get vomit you must give a little by little and if you are giving more medicine it is must to add few drops of water with that to make the medicine diluted this helps babies to avoid getting vomita please don't lift baby once you give the medicine let the baby rest in the same position for some minutes
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Question: How long should I feed my baby boy... He is 19months old
Answer: Dear if you are talking about how long to breastfeed your baby so baby is 19 montsh so you can stop breastfeeding baby and feed other food to baby. Milk at this age is strictly on demand because having other food is very important for baby for accurate growth. So if baby is asking for milk then feed for 20-30 minutes..
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Question: My baby is suffering fever & runny nose. He can't sleep at night. What should I do
Answer: Hi, If fever is high fever the best to consult a doctor for treatment. For nose blockage try putting nasal drops to relieve blockage. Continue feeding baby as usual to maintain baby's health and prevent dehydration.also make check baby is passing stool and urinating as usual
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