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Question: My baby is 19 month old How to improve immunity of my baby

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Question: How to improve immunity of baby naturally?
Answer: Hello dear To increase ur baby's immunity give your child a diet full of vegetables and fruits as the nutrients contained in them will help to boost his immune system. Juices rich in Vitamin A and C will also help to body to regain strength, add a dash of honey. Chicken and vegetable soups are also nutritious and should be given often. Smoothies made of cabbage, cherries, blackberries and elderberries should also be given to your child. Give him a lot of yogurt. Make a rich soup of carrots and coriander as they are rich in antioxidants that aid the healing process. Give this to your child to drink once a day for a month.
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Question: How can we improve my baby immunity
Answer: Hi. You can follow these remedies Serve more fruits and vegetables. Breast milk has immunity-enhancing antibodies which are passed from mother to her baby.  Other than regular curries, you may give salads like cucumber, tomatoes, steamed vegetables like carrots, corn, peas etc. Keep your kid’s vaccination schedule up to date. Do not miss and vaccination or boosters as it leaves your child prone to diseases. Having food at regular times and intervals is good for digestion and helps in keeping body stronger. Having meals at regular times also allows your child’s body to send hunger cues at meal times, which will allow him/her to eat well, which again leads to better immunity Teach healthy hygiene habits to your kids. Make sure they wash their hands before and after having meals and after using toilet. These habits should be inculcated as soon as baby starts having solids. Teach toddlers about healthy and junk food. They are less likely to be tempted by fast, junk food if they are aware that those things are bad for them. Teach them about how they can contract germs from open roadside food, which can make them sick. Hope this helps!
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Question: My baby is 19 months old how to improve colour
Answer: Hello dear Baby's skin color mainly depends on the genes or biological parents. But after knowing this, then also we tried to improve our babys skin color. Soaps, creams, foods cannot make babies fair but they are extremely harmful for their skin. So please focus on the baby's health and not skin color.
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