1 months old baby

Question: My baby is 18 days old, i have tried lactare tabs, powder, drinking milk, eating garlic, soaked fenugreek seeds, fenugreek leaves etc, still the milk production is very less and isn't sufficient for baby, i have started formula feeding now along with doctor, but it produces gas, so i would like to breastfeed, what else can i do?

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Answer: Take 5 to 6small small meal in a day
Answer: Drink coffee.. eat fish,egg amlets
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    Madhu Shree601 days ago

    I am vegetarian so i don't eat fish or eggs

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Question: My milk supplement become less, i am eating oats, fenugreek seeds, rusk, drinking water, lactare tablet and galact powder. Still feel supplwment is less. Wat to do?
Answer: Grains – Wheat, rice, oats, and other cereal grains come under this category. Whole wheat, brown rice, and oatmeal are some items to include in your daily diet. Khichdi, pulao, paranthas, and chappatis are some of the items you can choose from. One food to consider is whole-wheat bread. It is rich in folic acid, something your baby needs to develop well in the first few months. Vegetables – All kinds of vegetables should figure in your daily diet. Fruits – There is no specific type of fruits to eat after delivery, so be sure to include all in your diet. Dairy – Make milk and milk products an integral part of your daily postnatal diet. Protein – Fish, nuts, peas, and beans are rich sources of protein . Hydrate : intake of juices, buttermilk, coconut water are good source. Have plenty of water. Some desi nuskhaas to increase feed. 1 have more and more of jeera in every thing sabzi, roti, Poha, Daliya. 2 have saunf ka Paani and sometimes have ajwain Paani as it summer tym so limited intake instead of plain water 3 Drink loads of water even when ur feeding have sips of water coconut water is good.
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Question: I'm not getting sufficient milk even after taking lactare tablets and pro pl powder.. I tried even taking fenugreek seeds soaked in water overnight, I couldn't chew the seeds rather swallowed it. I'm feeding my baby frequently. I'm taking oats boiled in water with salt twice a day. What else can I try?
Answer: If u eat non veg suc as mutton nd fish u can add tat to ur daily lunch in any form... Hav more mutton product lik liver tat realy wrkd fo me whil feeding n startng weks... Evn i sufrd vit t same issue so ma grandma gav me ts cntnsly n lunch with rice...u ll defntly c t reslt.. Hop ts ll hlp u
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Question: I don't have enough BM I tried all home remidies like garlic, Fenugreek seeds,bread,milk,oats,fennel seeds etc.any other alternative remidies to increase BM
Answer: You can use daliya, twice a day in your meal,drink milk atleast 2-3 times a day,raw papaya,spinach,drumsticks,guava all these can help you to increased BM. My baby is 4 and half month and I am using all these to produce BM.
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