15 months old baby

Question: My baby is 15months old...m trying to wean him.. but he keep on asking for feed a lot, n before sleeping n after waking up he needs feed . What should i do to wean him. Please someone help me.its impossible to put him to sleep without feeding.

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Answer: prepare either of the kheer s like sooji, vermicili, dates, oats and then put baby to bed or wake him. every before he asks for feed give him kheer. u can give 1-2 bowls n immediately walk away from there. allow dad or grandparents to put to sleep even after eating if he asks for feed which might not happen give milk in a sippy cup this is how i managed to wean my baby off. i was successful in 15days. give it a try
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Question: my baby is one month old..not even a minute he is sleeping at night.. keep on wetting bed and crying.. but in daytime he keep on sleeping.. not taking proper feeding.. from morning 8 to evening 5 he is keep on sleeping.. im trying lot to waking him up but no use.. but night time he taking good feeding..
Answer: For sleep u can try massaging the baby just before the sleep which has an amazing affect on the baby and massage followed by slight exercise makes the baby tired and they get a sound sleep. Massaging twice a day suggested for hyper active babies. Hope this helps.
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Question: My baby prefers to feed only in side lying position. Whenever I'm trying to feed him in sitting position or other positions he refuses to feed n started crying.. Plz help me it's impossible to feed him in public places
Answer: Don't worry dear. Try nipple shield and see dear There are many types of nipple shield dear Some are made of good quality which can be cleaned with hot water dear. It's enough if u put shield in boiling water for some time dear. You need not boil the shield dear. After each use clean the nipple with hot water dear. Before each use clean with hot water and start using dear. Keep a clean box and put them in it when not in use dear. Take care.
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Question: My baby does not sleep easily at night, I had to put lot of efforts to make him sleep. Also he often get up after 2-3 hours
Answer: Hello! It is common in so small babies to get up in between and nothing to worry. For putting to sleep give s good massage, then sponge bath and feed. Make sure the light is dim and there are no noise. Take care
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