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Question: My baby is 15days old today morning to this time he passed his stool 4 times and urine 5 time is he sufficient for breast milk? Sometimes he wakes up and countiusly feeding if I stop then he crying that time I think he is insufficient for breast milk;pls tel me y this happen?

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Answer: Welcome to the motherhood dear... A new born baby pee 6 times and stool twice... That's normal... And if he didn't get enough milk he cries while feeding, u have to feed your baby every 2 hours... Which means nearly 8-12 times a day!!!
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Question: My kid will demand for breast milk during night times. And he will continue that for long time Then How can i stop breast feed
Answer: Hello Mummy, before you can stop breastfeeding baby boy or girl, it is necessary to ensure that he or she is ready to quit the habit. The baby should be made habituated to suck content from feeding bottle or cup before you attempt to discontinue breastfeeding. You will find a plethora of baby formula food and semi-solid food that can be given to the toddler for helping him or her transition to regular eating.As your baby sucks milk, the nipple becomes more sensitive to external stimulation over the months. So avoid activities that can cause friction and stimulation to the nipples. Sleep on your back at night so that no pressure is exerted on the breasts. This will in turn help in reducing milk production and help your child wean from breast feeding Evade having sex for a time as the breast may get stimulated and that may lead to excessive milk production. It may be hard to quit breastfeeding all of a sudden for any lactating woman! Try to quit gradually and naturally.
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Question: How to stop nursing for 11months 10days old ,my milk is not sufficient day time i can manage during night he wakes up for everyone hr and crying for milk plz suggest what have to do
Answer: Start feeding your baby solid food like cereal. Another home remedy us take pulses toor dal masoor dal soak for an hour wash it and dry in sun. When dried in sun dry fry the pulses in a pan while frying add handful of cashew almond and walnut, fry until golden brown grind this mixture and make powder and keep aside. Take rice two cups soak it for one hour wash it and dry in sun light after drying grind the rice in to powder. Now mix rice and the mixture and store it into container. Now coming to make this dish for baby take a kadai or patila put some ghee and take one spoon of mixture and fry in ghee nicely after frying add two cups of water, add salt for taste. The dish for your baby is ready. The storage wyou can store for two months make sure it is into air tight container.
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Question: Q. My son is 2year old. He often wakes up during night sleep. He will not open his eyes but wakes up often for milk. He will have his dinner at 8.30 and sleeps by 12 o'clock he wakes up 3 times in night. How to stop this. I am trying to give milk before sleep .nd last two days he wack up nd countinue crying 4 o'clock.m so worried about that plz say to me why he crying
Answer: yes try to feed him milk once before he went to sleep . and also after 3 hours around 3 or 4 o'clock again feed him milk . as your baby sleeps around 12 o'clock so you can give him dinner around 9 on 9.30 so that he does not feel hungry at night
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