Few weeks old baby

Question: My baby is 14 days old should i feed with bottle because she is not comfortable with spoon feeding and she is good in sucking. Please answer me as soon as possible

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Question: My mother in law says feeding bottle is not good for baby. Try feed to spoon vati is it true????
Answer: Hi dear, Yes she absolutely right.though feeding bottles are easy to use,but carry lot of risk of infections.tou need to sterilise every time properly,else baby could get stomach infection.moreover ,baby experience more colic issues if feed through bottle.
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Question: Can i use bottle for my 15 old days baby because she is not sucking
Answer: Dear you can use baby bottle for your baby but do try to breastfeed your baby often because for proper milk supply it's important to breastfeed your baby directly because that stimulates your hormones and increase the breast milk supply....
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Question: Should I use spoon or feeding bottle to feed my 1month old new born? Is feeding bottle not good for him?
Answer: U can use feeding bottle. If u r using spoon, pls be careful to avoid more milk flow
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