Few weeks old baby

Question: My baby is 14 days old, he is pooping after each breast feed. The poop seems like a consistency of peanut buttr with yellow colour. But sometimes it will be preceeded by a yellow watery motion. And, he makes straining sound while pooping. Is it normal or shall i consult any Dr for this ?

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Answer: No need to worry. It's normal.
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Question: Baby is passing motion after each feed is it normal and poop is yellow and sticky in colour
Answer: If it is absolutely watery reason I will advise you to see your pediatrician immediately after every feeding motion is normal but it will happen in a duration of 3 hours or 4 hours it will be yellowish then best if it is greenish that indicates that baby is having a hard time in digesting
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Question: Hello, From morning my baby poop pale yellow colour & now he is pooping cream colour is it normal..??
Answer: If the baby is a breast feeding baby then yellow color is normal. Babies poop colour depends on what he or she is eating. If they are breast feeding then it depends on what the mother is eating. If only one time the baby is pooping cream colored then do not panic observe next time and if every time he is pooping same then consult doctor
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Question: My baby is pooping imediately after each feed in small amounts and yellow frothy water like. Is it normal ?
Answer: consult ur doctor she may prescribe ors but consult ur doctor first every child is different
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Question: My baby usually poop once in 3 or 4days. But from last 4 days he is pooping 4-6 times. Usually the poop consistency was pasty. But now it turns watery and seed like. The colour also get a tinch of green and last poop smells a little bad. Is it diarrhea?
Answer: I think Teething time starts now onwards...so it is like dat....take care...if u have doubt consult doctor...
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