12 months old baby

Question: My baby is 12mnth old but has not walking...what can i do??

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Answer: Some kids have delay milestones it is very common dont compare ur kid with any other kid it is very normal even my daughter started walking when she was 15 month
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    Piu Mondal606 days ago


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Question: My baby is one years three months but he is not walking what can i do
Answer: Hello dear.. usually kids walk around 15 months of their age,so don't get worried,there are few techniques which help getting walk soon.. Give him nutritious diet, which contains all nutrients needed for her development You stand in one side of the wall,make baby to stand at another wall,call her from another side,it will encourage him to walk soon,can also use walker which enable babies to walk soon Wash his legs with rice soaked water,it is very nutritious and helps babies to walk soon,heat rice soaked water to lukewarm Condition,then massage and wash from hip to feet,you will see results within a week,do it regularly
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Question: My baby is 12mnth old..but she not drink any water.she got urinary infection also.. wot i do???
Answer: Hello mom, this is not good sign that bay is not taking water, it will make her dehydrated, try to feed her water with sipper or bottol or in any attractive container which she does like. And as much as baby will have water will urinate and that will be good for her health, clean baby's vagina with mild baby soap. And as your baby is small take anadvice from doctor
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Question: My baby is one year old but she is not standing and walking what to do
Answer: Put some toys on a sofa and may be she will try to reach them from the floor, encouraging her to pull herself up. Or try to teach her to get off sofa or bed feet first. Having said that, I wouldn't worry about her not trying to stand up yet. Every kid has their own pace. Don't worry mumma, ur baby will soon start to run
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