12 months old baby

Question: My baby is 11month old... But he doesn't like to eat chicken and egg. Please give me a suggestion what I eat him instead of this???

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Answer: Hi dear As ur baby is 11 months old he may not get the chewing teeth.so it is difficult to chew the chicken as it is hard.u can give him the liver of the chicken.u can give him the chicken soup if u really wants to give chicken.u can make into keema and give it to him.even the egg also u can give in other forms as omelette or add some spices to the boiled egg like salt and pepper or chillipowder pr sprinkle some chat masala.so he may eat.u can try to replace the chicken and egg with other foods like soya , tofu, paneer and other protein rich foods
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Question: My child doesn't eat anything...like egg,fish,chicken even when I give him fruits juice he starts vomiting...He only has rice and butter..and always breastmilk..he is 9 months old...what should I do?
Answer: Hi dear, Right now your main intension should be to introduce various solid food not feeding him to put on weight.the 1 st year is introducing him to various tastes,texture etc a food can have.let him eat how much ever he wants to eat.donot force feed. You can also introduce few spices like jeera ,to titillate his taste buds.donot stop breastfeeding though.make him some yummy porridges with mashed banana and oats,boiled mashed apple with pinch of cinnamon can add taste.ragi porridge with jaggery would also give different texture.dalia khichidi with veggies like carrot and beans can be given too.but do it gradually and in small quantities.2 - 3 spoon is good enough to start.he will slowly pick up by end of 1 st year.give in small but frequent portions.make the meal time fun.breastfeeding is the best for your child even now.continue.
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Question: My baby is 1year old... But he doesn't like to eat chicken and egg.. What I give him instead of this???
Answer: Hello, can chicken a good source of protein you can just give protein rich foods instead of chicken like soyabean, Masoor dal , tofu, banana, pumpkin, yoghurt potato etc hope it helps.
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Question: My baby is 2.5year old and he doesn't eat anything. He doesn't chew anything I'll gv him everything like a form of puree. What should I do.
Answer: Habituate him by giving little quantity to chew some like crushed banana gently crushed apple like that try to change his chewing ability day by day
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