7 months old baby

Question: My baby is 101 temperature

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Answer: Hello dear If ur baby is having fever then u can do following remedies : 1. Put cold water cloth on ur babies head for 5-10 min 2. Give ur baby lots of fluid to eat 3. Rest is necessary at this time 4. Make ur baby wear less cotton clothes.
Answer: Hi.. Dear do not give any medicine without consulting a pediatrician.. Please see a doctor temperature is high for a toddler, Instead of relying on any home remedy..
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Question: My baby boty is halveing temperature 101 what food should i give to him
Answer: Hello dear. Usually when babies are having fever they become choosy of food. My daughter have only soup and khichdi when she is not well. When your child has a fever, avoiding some fruits such as grapes, bananas, lychee, watermelon, tender coconut, and oranges can speed up the recovery process. Vegetables such as cucumber, bitter gourd, and pumpkin are not recommended for children under the age of one, primarily due to the cooling effect they have on the body. Food that is spicy or has a lot of oil content can irritate the throat and worsen your child’s health. And lastly Curd has a cooling effect on the body and is to be avoided in times of cold and cough or even fever or other respiratory infections. Hope it helps.
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Question: My baby is suffering from fever about 101 temperature what we have to do?
Answer: First of all i would like to know his/her age. See you⁸ can give him or her 2.5 ml of calpol 250mg or 7.5ml of calpol 120mg if weight is above 7 kg. Also check the temperature after giving medicine after an hour. If the temperature reduces than good or else give some sponge bath. If fever doesn't comes down even after 2 hrs you may also give a dose of Ibugesica syrup again for 2.5ml.
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Question: I have 101 degree temperature any problem to baby
Answer: Hello, fever during pregnancy is normal but make sure you are visiting your gynecologist for the examination. if it's mild fever the doctor may prescribe you some fever medicine if not she may prescribe you some antibiotic for the same and this will not affect your pregnancy. happy pregnancy hope this helps .
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