10 months old baby

Question: My baby is 10 months old ..i wanted to know why doesn't she sleep properly.. she sleeps for hardly 10 mins and wake up and for 2-3hrs she plays then again 10 mins sleep.. what would be the reason for this.. please reply

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Question: From the last 4-5 days my 10 months old baby don' t sleep properly, she just sleeps for 10 mins and gets up
Answer: Hello dear, baby attach with mother a lot. He feels insecure to sleep alone. Do one thing... During sleeping time makes ur room darker, don't make a noise and place a pillow both sides. Stay there until ur baby deep sleep.... Baby can sleep 2 hours at a time only. But if u think she wakes too much, then it means ur breastmilk is not enough to fill stomach. Baby is waking up because of Hunger or the another reason is because of hot weather.
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Question: My daughter is 8month old she doesn't sleep properly she wake-up in every 10 minuts she doesn't sleep continue 2,3 hour
Answer: Hi... Even my son had the same issue he is also 8 months old,don't worry she will get settled soon . Keep in mind to follow a routine like follow particular sleeping time, give a massage and warm water bath before sleeping and feed nicely . She might have sound sleep if you follow this , telling from my own experience. Hope this will help you
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Question: My baby doesn't sleep in daytime.he sleeps only 10 min then wake up and also 4hours in night.what to do
Answer: Make him comfortable.. Make him sleep away from sound,light..feed him still he stops..
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