10 months old baby

Question: My baby is 10 month old but he is coufng

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Question: My baby is 10 month old but he can not seat properly
Answer: Don't worry.Every baby is different so are their activities, please note some baby's learn late and its absolutely fine. May be he is getting developed at others areas. Don't worry he will start sitting soon. Just keep on massaging ur baby legs daily
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Question: my baby boy is 10 month old,he ate all foods but he is thin why?
Answer: Offer variety of foods to baby and introduce finger foods also. If you still give purees to ur baby then u must stop. You may also start to wean off the baby from breast feed by skipping one feed at a time. So the diet includes early morning start with the milk at around 6am then breakfast at around 10am u can give idli, chilla of besan or suji or atta at mid morning at 12 or 12:30 pm u can offer French fries, stir fried veggies, soup or Makhana. For lunch at 2 u can give daily, oats, khichdi, veg pulao with dahi, wheat pasta or stuffed prantha. Then evening u can give fruits, shakes, smoothies, yogurt then dinner at 8 or 8:30 pm give daal rice sabzi or roti. So basically ur baby can eat the same food from family pot.
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Question: My baby is 10 month old. But he does' nt have any teeth? What to do?
Answer: hi mum don't worry some babies will get the teeth little later so you can wait in please give more calcium rich food for baby like a cow's milk and dates more vegetables can increase the babies calcium level even ragi is a very good source of calcium you could give this everyday to the child and also if the baby does not get teeth even after one and half years then you should consult the dental and take proper root test and vitamin test
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