Few days old baby

Question: My baby is 10 days old n she is poopimg with red colour in it what to do

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Answer: Red colour poop refers to blood mixing with poop consult your pediatrition
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Question: My baby is 10 months 10 days old but she so thin what to do
Answer: Hello dear, If your baby looks active, then don't think too much about weight. If weight was low during birth time, chances are he will gain his weight aacording to own capacity. think about it. You can Include these food items in baby diet to increase weight... Banana, Paneer, Oats, Ragi, Toor Dal, Potato  Dry fruits., Butter/Desi ghee  Try to give these item daily. Feed 6 times a day. 3 proper meal and 3 snacks. Always prepare  food in butter or ghee. Soon you ll see change in baby weight. Hope it helped, Take care ur little one...
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Question: I give my baby formula milk n she s 4 months old.. last 10 days im noticing that she poops only in green colour.. is it normal?
Answer: Hi.. The bowel movements of a formula fed babies are yellow, tan, brown, green. As long there is no blood in the stool, it is normal. Also, a formula fed baby 's stool is a little firmer as compared to the breast fed.
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Question: My baby is 52 days old and she does potty in 10 to 15 days what to do
Answer: it is normal not to do pottie 5 to 6 days even 8 days if the baby is hail and hearty and not showing signs of discomfort its ok if baby is suffering from colic and gas cunsult a doc
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