1 months old baby

Question: My baby is 1 month old.she farts so much and she sucks for 1 -2 hrs at night in day also she took at least half an hour.and I don't know whether she is getting sufficient feed or not

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Question: Hello!!! My baby is 40 days old .. she sleeps very less during day time... Every 1 hour she needs feed... Im worried whether she is not getting sufficient bf... But in the night she sleeps nicely.. if i force to feed even after 3 hours also she wont feed much... Hardly 5 mins she use to feed.. plz suggest..
Answer: Hello! See every baby is different. Since your baby sleeps well at night, she completes her quota. Also a baby does not breast feed for only hunger, it also breastfeeds for warmth and closeness of the mother. Hence, there is nothing to worry. It is common. To know if your milk is sufficient or not keep a count on the total number of pee. If it is more than 6 then it means your milk is sufficient. Take care
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Question: My daughter is 29 days old. During day time my feed is sufficient. She wakes up every 2 or 2.5 hrs. However my feed is not sufficient during the night. Please let me know the reason and solution.
Answer: Don't panic . It's natural for new born babies. Reason is parents were not giving quality time to children like talking to her,playing with her. We are just giving breast milk to babies,then give him a nap at bed during day time. U have to change ur schedule and as much as possible u have to be active with her during day time and see the result at night. If you think ur milk is not sufficient,talk to Dr to give her formula milk at night only
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Question: If i don't feed for 6 - 7 hrs is it ok, bcz baby sleeps for so much time during night
Answer: Baby wakeup when they want to hungry...my baby also like that ....don't worry dear..it's perfectly ok for her
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