19 months old baby

Question: My baby in under weight.how to raise his weight

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Answer: Have just replied you.. Hope it helps you dear.. Take care
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Question: My 4 years old girl baby is under weight... Tips to raise weight... Pls suggest any tips
Answer: Hello dear Don't worry as every child is different with different genetic and different mental activity level so you should never compare your baby with any others in terms of weight even though you baby might look thin. Make sure to feed everything to your baby do not leave any fruit or vegetable untouched just because you do not like the taste developing a taste for every food is important at this age so this age is very crucial in terms of feeding nutritious food and focus more on dairy products which help to gain weight.
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Question: My baby is low weight.how to i make increase weight?
Answer: Hi dear. Firstly I want to request u to not get worry just be seeing the baby size as if she is thin or fat. The main thing which u need to consider is the average weight of baby as per age as well if the baby is active, growing and attending milestones as per standard, eating well , doing potty and pee properly , sleeping well. These are the symptom of a healthy baby. Also for increasing the weight of baby at this age u should massage her every day , give proper semi solid diet and reduce the liquid intake like milk. Give banana , sweet potato, oats, curd , chicken fish whole grain Roti's , lentils , broccoli, rice apple as they play a bug role in increasing baby weight. Do give at least 3 proper semi solid meal and introduce finger food if teeth of baby has grown. Reglar good diet will improve the baby weight if baby is underweight. All the best.
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Question: My baby is under weight.How can I gain his weight
Answer: Hi, dear baby is 18 month so a healthy weight of baby should be anywhere between 8-12kg kg so if your babys weight is less then this then a healthy diet is required for baby. See a 18 month old baby can be given all the food made at home.Their diet should includecereals, pulses, vegetables, fruits etc. vegetables,cooked and smashed alongwith rice or chapathis are definitely to be given. Don't forget to give green leafy vegetables daily.vegetablesoup is also Good Digital far as possible vegetarian food is to be given.Ragi too is very good forkids. Instead of sugar, add jaggery .This will definitely keep animea away.never make the child anaddict of modern food items like bread,readymade noodles etc
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