6 months old baby

Question: My baby have loose motion for last two days... His motion s so greenish... Wat can i do.. Pls help me... I need imediate answer

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Answer: hi please consult to the doctor immediately it looks like the baby has got infection and therefore the baby will need a course of antibiotics depending upon the other factors like if the baby is getting fever also so all this factors the doctor will consider and will give proper advice in the meanwhile please continue to feed your baby so that the baby is not dehydrated if the baby has started solid food try and give sabudana water from again it juice and apple juice to the baby also give homemade ORS today baby to make homemade ORS take one litre of water at 6 teaspoon of sugar and one teaspoon of salt and boil it once it comes to room temperature then feed this to the baby of use spoons throughout the day this will help the baby to keep the to keep hydrated
Answer: Hello dear,  your baby poop green watery and having a foul odour. Then it could be diahorrea. If it is diahorrea then you need to keep baby well hydrated.  Diarrhea is when the newborn baby passes very runny, watery stools, sometimes at an increased frequency or more volume than normal. See your doctor if your baby has loose, waterystools for 24 hours, or if diarrhea is accompanied by dehydration, vomiting, fever or blood in stool.
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Question: hi my sone is now one month today but last two days his having gas problem n green color watery loose motion wat can i do for this
Answer: If it's not absolutely watery or literally spurting out then no worries. Green poop is normal. The gas problem can be relieved by proper burping after every feed. You can ask about neopeptine drops from your paediatrician. if youre baby is pooping less than 7 times a day then also it is OK to don't worry. but the signs are alarming if you see your baby pooping more than 7 to 8 times a day and The Poop is absolutely watery literally spurting out then this is a diarrhoea note if you have changed something in your babies diet that if at all you have started a formula you have changed a brand or your started bottle feeding because all these things contribute to your baby's stool eventually . if you have changed a formula and then maybe the brand is not suiting baby, if you have started cow milk then maybe your dilution is not proper, if you are breastfeeding then there are chances that you are not cleaning your breast properly after and before each feed because of weathers there is a lot of sweating and can cause bacterial accumulation and can directly go to your baby's digestive system when she is drinking on your breast. Wash your baby's utensil with a good baby utensil cleaner such as pigeon utensil cleaner which is antibacterial as well as designed for babies bottle and utensils if at all you see your baby is going potty more than 8 times a day you must consult your pediatrician immediately because your baby shall be needing ORS solution as well as medication to improve her gut bacteria if at all it's an infection in her digestive system. do not worry take care
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Question: i gave ragi to my daughter for last three days. no problem for first two days but today loose motion started. what Shall i do? help me pls
Answer: Hi dear, Ragi is sometimes little difficult to digest if not cooked thoroughly.the best way to cook ragi for babies is either using the sprouted ragi or roast the ragi seeds and powder it and use it.make the porridge thin so that it helps in digestion process.also donot give ragi daily, alternative days would be enough.
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Question: Hi , my baby 43 days old....she s not passed motion last two days....wt can i do for baby
Answer: it is normal, specially if she is on exclusive breast feed , cause almost all of it is absorbed by the body and there is not much left to poo out.Start massaging her little belly giving a little pressure, in a clockwise motion (this helps clogged gas and poop to move through the intestines)..it is effective.
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