4 months old baby

Question: My baby have fever from morning.. i m giving formula milk tow time in a day.. 30ml.. in fever can i continue this r only breast feeding

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Answer: Hllo dear ur baby s 4 months old dear fever s due to seasonal nothing to worry abht .give paracemtol which ur pediatrian prescribes u .nd dear if u have enough breast feed give bf after 2 2 hours if baby demands more feed nd breast feed not coming then give formula milk .try it and fever s above 101 do sponch nd consult to pediatrian . Try it take care ur baby .
Answer: Hello, you can continue breastfeeding has fever will not affect the baby from having the breastfeeding because breastfeeding has antibodies init and it will make the baby more immune to diseases. Hope this helps.
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Question: My baby is just 12 days old, he is nt taking my breast, so I am extracting milk, and i am able to extract only 30ml * 3times in a day and feeding him in bottle. And after that i am giving formula milk. Please advise how to increase my breast milk.. i am having lactare granules in milk 2times,which is suggested by doctor
Answer: Hello! Apart from pumping try to increase your intake of food. Go for more vegetables, fruits, dry fruits, milk and milk products, dal and whole grains. Take plenty of water, drink methi water, garlic milk, cumin water. These all helps to increase milk. Also increase skin to skin contact, offer your breasts when the baby is not too hungry .continue doing it, the baby will soon start latching. Take care
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Question: I have two months old baby. I m suffering from fever. Can i take paracetamol. And can i continue breast feeding despite fever
Answer: Hello dear. Taking paracetamol should be fine. However please confirm with your doctor too. Under most circumstances, the answer is yes. If you have a standard cold, flu, or stomach virus – even if you have a fever – it's fine to breastfeed. And since your body is mounting an immune response, you pass those illness-fighting antibodies to your baby when you breastfeed, which will help protect. Take care.
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Question: Hello mam ..can i give breast-feeding one time and formula milk one time in a day to a baby?she is 8 days old
Answer: Hi dear, It is suggested to give mothers milk only. If you are medically suggested due to any reason then it may be considered if not mothers milk is best.
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