5 months old baby

Question: My baby have cough one or two days after that no cough, after few days having cough , how to overcome this , wt should I do ??

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Question: My baby has cough bcoz I have too so wt should I do for this
Answer: Hi. You could try these remedies 1) take steam to help and give you relief. 2) drink turmeric milk as that's immediately helps in bringing back the lost taste from our tongue. 3) try salt water gargling 4)Try to drink hot water and keep yourself covered at all times. 5) a healthy diet helps you to fight infections 6) roast gram flour in ghee and mix it in warm milk and drink. Gives a lot of effect And for your baby you could You can try these remedies Make sure he gets plenty of rest. Offer extra breastfeeds or bottle feeds. Your baby will need plenty of fluids to fight off the infection . Breathing in steam may help to relieve your baby's cough . Make a paste with saffron or kesar and apply this at the bottom of your baby’s feet and on the forehead after dark as a tilak. Roast ajwain and garlic cloves on a Tawa or pan. Put it in a potli and keep it near the baby's head or near the nose. It works wonders. Heat mustard oil and add garlic let the oil cool apply on d baby’s feet Hope this helps!
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Question: Im suffering from cold and cough for the past two days....how can i overcome that?? And what type of medicine i should take...or do i need to consult my gyno??
Answer: Hi dear,.. Cold and other viral illness is common through out the pregnancy.as your immunity is less to support your baby,it is very normal to catch cold.try home remedies to get releif .avoid medicines and never self medicate.if the symptoms worsens then go to doctor .Ty taking steam with few drops of eucalyptus oil.keep sipping warm water.keep yourself warm and try some warm soup to comfort yourself.viral illness takes atleast one weak to go.so no need to take medicine in Pregnancy.take plenty of rest....
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Question: From two days .. I m having a bad stomach burning .. What should i take to overcome that problem
Answer: Hello! It can be due to acid... Try having a cup of homemade curd and also have gond kateera... Hope you feel better soon :)
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