Few days old baby

Question: My baby have 3 days old.he is having some breathing problem. Now baby was on NICU...doctor told it's a common condition of new born.fedding time respiratory rates increase vocationly..is it have any problem ...pls adive

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Answer: hi dear! so dear you will have to give full information dear as if the baby was born premature or for lungs you were given some steroids as if the baby is kept in nicu means that the baby is premature dear or some breathing issues. there are many breathing issues like asphyxia or meconium aspiration or respiratory distress syndrome. so you will have to be specific as to what your baby is experiencing dear. and dont worry if its something out of these then the baby will have no problem later dear. since the baby is in nicu then there is no problem dear. take care.
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Answer: In pregnancy sometimes it happens Breathing problem No need to worry If ur facing hard situation Don't neglect
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Question: Baby delivered 2 days ago nd baby kept in NICU because of some respiratory problem doctor told that some infection am not giving milk to him.pls some one explain
Answer: Hi, deliered babies maybe kept in NICU if they have to kept in round the clock monitoring. your babys respiratory problem may mean that babys lungs may havnt fully matured. so the baby maybe treated until baby fully recoers from the respiratory problem. NICU will have a feeding schedule for babies admitted. you may breastfeed the baby if the doctor allow it or else the baby can be fed by feeding tube.
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