14 months old baby

Question: My baby has undescended testicle only one left side so what can be done and when please help me??

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Question: My baby suck in left side only. Please help ME.
Answer: Try to give right side also. Help the baby to drink right side otherwise the right breast will get infection of the milk gets cuddled up in the breast and that milk is not good for the baby. Try nipple sheild to feed the baby
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Question: When I try sleep on left side or right side I am feeling my stomach so weight and tight is it normal? Can any one tell me please
Answer: Hi,this could be due to acidity it gas. You should have yoghurt Have peppermint Have cold milk Have fibrrous food like green veggies and carrits Have nutsike figs and prunes This should help
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Question: I have delivered baby boy on Feb 1st. I feel my baby has got only one testicle. Any one help me how does normal baby boy testicle looks like?
Answer: Dear it's really hard to describe the shape of testicle of baby but if you think that baby has only one testicle then please consult with doctor and get it checked immediately...
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