4 months old baby

Question: My baby has some red patches in the back of head, is this normal or something to worry about?

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Answer: It's already replied dear, please check ☺️
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Question: Good morning Doctr, there is some red patches in my baby's back of head,is this normal or something to worry about?
Answer: Hello dear, don't worry. Is it painful or itchy or spreading, if not then nothing to worry about but if yes then don't wait, you should consult doctor. Most of the time baby sleeps on back that's why can get such red patches, it's quite normal. But do check with Doctor in next visit. Take care of your baby.b
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Question: Hi...Good morning...My wife has some bleeding in the morning, about 8 drops of blood...Is this something to worry about?
Answer: Consult Ur doctor as this r starting days of pregnancy..
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Question: My head is spinning from last night is this normal or something to worry about im 4 week
Answer: Hi, it could be due to BP issues it is advisable to get your BP levels checked you should also get a hemoglobin level checks because this can also happen if you are endemic you should drink a liquid water intake this will help you in the meanwhile I try to have energy giving food like dates nuts banana which will also help you
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