1 months old baby

Question: My baby has reflux issues and now i notice she's taking feed for less time and many a times spits out immediately.... How can i make her feed well. I already burp her after feeds or whenever i feel she's not comfortable.

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Answer: Hello dear.. Consult a pediatrician.. . Reflux can be serious issues in some babies as my own 2mnth old is suffering from it..
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    Shaveta Mehta606 days ago

    Has your paediatrician prescribed something? I did consukt a few days back but back then she was feeding nicely. Now i feel she's not feeding that well all the time.

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    Farhana Shaikh605 days ago

    Yess he did prescribed medics... But first consult a good pediatrician.. If reflux is serious dey ask u to d an xray.. My baby had mild to moderate reflux.. She vomited a lot and at d same time vry restless...

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    Shaveta Mehta605 days ago

    My paediatrician has given perinorm and neopeptine/colicaid for 2 and 3 days respectively. And said if things dont improve he would have to see thimgs closely.... What lind of meds were prescribed? And were they for long term use? Also were you asked to make changes in yiur diet too? Also in that phase how was baby's weight gain? What was the age your babu oitgrew this condition. Really appreciate your response

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Question: Hi... My baby is 24 days old. Whenever i feed her.. Even after getting burp her she spit out all ghe milk. I am very worried.
Answer: yes it is usually normal if the baby vomits out once or twice a day during the burping. The babies at this age do not know when to stop the feeding. So they end up drink more milk than they should have and is milk mixes with the lactic acid from the stomach and get cuddles During feeding the baby tends to swallow air also, usually seen when the baby is crying too much, this air mixes with the food inside the stomach and cause the vomit. If it is more than 4-5 time vomiting, kindly consult pediatrician To prevent the baby spit up, proper burping is necessary. after feeding make your baby sit for a minute on your lap and then take it to your shoulder for the burp, keep your baby in this upright position for at least 10 to 15 minutes after feeding Prevent over feeding. Breastfeeding should be done for 20 minutes at a time, in between hope you are baby and switch the breast Never feed your baby in a lying position always feed him in upright position this allows gases to rise up, this way baby burbs more naturally Also take care of your diet a limit soda drink spicy food and fatty food, if these food cause gas to you they will definitely do the same to your
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Question: My baby 1 month 21 days she vomits 2-3 times and spits out milk while sleeping. I burp her after every feed. Pls tell the reason and how to come out of this
Answer: Hi dear, If she's puking out milk even after burping then you need to feed her less at a time .babies when overfed would puke out milk often.some babies have acid reflux problem,due to which they throw up more.Acid reflux in babies could be really uncomfortable for babies.i would suggest you to feed little at a time.donot overfeed.aince your baby is 3 months,feed on demand should be followed.burping is also very important step in acid reflux babies.no matter how long the process takes , burp your baby before her sleep.make the head little elevated post feed .you can keep the baby rest on your shoulder post feed.so the milk settles.this should get better once the baby turns 6 months.
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Question: Whenever i feed her and make her burp in upright position. With her burp she spit out the milk. Sometime little and sometimes the whole milk which she have. Please advice. She is looking weak from last 2 days.
Answer: Hai, spitting out little milk is fine sometime more is also not a problem..... After every feed make ur baby in same position for 20 to 30 sec... After that make the baby upright position for burp... Even ur baby burp early don't let baby down for atleast 10 to 20 min... If ur baby taking formula milk it is important to burp for every 30ml... Also keep ur feeding bottle clean... Try to change nipple every 15days and bottle every month... In all case if ur baby spitting more frequent with weight loss and Un active PLZ DO CONSULT UR DOCTOR...
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